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Indoor air hygiene is one of the most important issues of our time. It is not just the current corona situation that makes air filtration in enclosed spaces all the more important. By minimising the viral load in the room, the ISI AIR CLEANER significantly reduces the risk of being infected by germs and viruses. In addition, air quality in the room is increased for allergy and asthma sufferers. The climate in the room is significantly improved by filtering out house dust, fine dust, pollen, etc.

The ISI AIR CLEANER is a professional room air filter with high air performance especially developed for large rooms. The compact design and the low noise level make it suitable for a wide range of uses. It is also very user friendly.


The air in the room is sucked in at the bottom of the filter device. Dust and larger particles are removed from the air in the pre-filter area. A subsequent, highly effective HEPA H14 filter system removes 99.995% of particles or aerosols from the air that may contain germs and viruses. The highly efficient EC fan is located in the upper area of the filter unit. This can be regulated and consumes very little energy. The cleaned air is then released back into the room from the top of the filter device.

Power-saving or whisper modes are not needed, as the device is designed to achieve the lowest values in the standard.

The ISI AIR CLEANER cleans the room air and frees it from:

  • Viruses (e.g. corona virus, influenza virus)
  •  Other viral or bacterial germs that are transmitted via droplets or airborne spread
  • mold spores
  • pollen
  • Dust / fine particles
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Compact design

The ISI AIR CLEANER is very compact. This enables space-saving use, despite high air output.

Optimal air flow

The room air is sucked in at floor level, filtered in the device and then blown out above head height. As a result, the ISI AIR CLEANER can be operated without draft sensation, despite the high air performance. This also ensures an even distribution of air in the room. The three-sided air outlet also allows you to place the air filter device next to walls.

High air performance

The maximum air output is 1,600m³ / h. This is sufficient for rooms up to approx. 160m². You can continuously adjust the air output of your ISI AIR CLEANER and adapt it to the room in question.

Low noise level

Thanks to special soundproofing technology, our filter device is extremely quiet. It can therefore be used in noise-sensitive areas with full air output in low-noise continuous operation. “Whisper” or “Quiet” modes are not necessary. For such modes, the device’s air output is throttled in order to work with an optimal noise level. This reduced air output would not be sufficient to circulate the air in the room to the required extent. The ISI AIR CLEANER is on the other hand permanently quiet. In this way, it can permanently supply the room with an optimal distribution of air.

Optimal energy efficiency

Thanks to an adjustable EC fan, the ISI AIR CLEANER consumes little energy. This enables continuous operation with the air output required for the room in question. Energy-saving modes are therefore not necessary.

Well thought-out design & safety

Our device has a maintenance door for changing the filters. The fan compartment can only be opened with a tool for service work. This also ensures that nobody can simply open the door and reach in. The ISI AIR CLEANER is tip resistant and can also be secured to the wall. The device has four adjustable feet, which compensate for irregularities in the floor.

Highly effective against dust (pre-filter, coarse dust filter and fine dust filter) and aerosols thanks to a HEPA H14 filter system (according to EN1822)

Long service life and easy filter change

You should replace the pre-filters once a year and the H14 filter every two years at the latest. The service life depends on the load on the individual filter elements. The filter elements can be disposed of with household waste.

Plug & Play installation

The ISI AIR CLEANER is supplied with power from a standard socket using the connected power cable. All you have to do is plug in the device, set the air output and switch it on. Your ISI AIR CLEANER is then up and running!


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