Önálló rendszerek

High pressure units

KNOLL high pressure systems serve as suppliers for machine tools such as machining centers and turning machines. High pressure pumps provide the correct supply-pipe pressure for the different consumers.

Filter systems

KNOLL filter systems clean coolant lubricants up to the very fine range, even without filter consumables. The filtration systems can be operated locally for standalone machines and centrally for machine groups or complete production areas.

Chip conveyors

KNOLL chip conveyors are available in various types, both machine integrated and centrally installed. Depending on chip type and transport route, screw conveyors and traction flap conveyors are used in addition to belt conveyors.

Minimum quantity lubrication systems

The MQL system AerosolMasterTM is suitable for almost all manufacturing processes with geometrically determined cutting edges, e.g. on processing centers, transfer lines, turning, milling, drilling and sawing machines. Thanks to the broad product range and unique ATS (aerosol dry lubrication) technology, the systems are suitable for both simple and complex processes.

Chip reducers

KNOLL chip reducers cut metal and plastic chips to bulk material quality. The reducers can be installed on machine tools or at central collecting points. Depending on model, horizontal or vertical chip feed is possible, together with faulty part ejection in some applications. Provided chip reducer with vertical chip feed