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Szorító szerszámok

SRS & articles for grinding applications

The SRS (Schaublin Runout adjustment System; pat pend) is a collet chuck that will clamp raw material or blanks. The system allows the operator to adjust the concentricity of the collet to obtain minimal runout and an excellent concentricity on the workpiece.



Material tightening

This product range contains mainly collets used in the domain of turning, on lathes or Swiss type machines. Work holding collets are used to grip material, semi-finished parts, or cutting tools in either primary or secondary spindles or workheads.

These collets are designed for either drawback or pull type actuation or thrust type dead length collets where the force on the taper closes the collet on the part to be gripped.



Clamping tools

Tool Holders are manufactured to meet or exceed ISO, HSK standards and also SCHAUBLIN standards that often became world standards.

We also produce cylindrical tool holders, Morse tapers, and special adaptations to specific machines or applications. The clamping function of the tool holder is available for use with collet chucks, shrink fit, or Weldon tool holders.



Accessories and various items with collet shanks

The Derivatives are products that have a body with the shape of a collet. They can be used on lathes, and allow a special clamping, either by shape, or in an inner diameter. Products or collet blanks that can be adapted by the user for specific needs are also available.