Systems with collecting conveyors

Collecting conveyor systems are required to bring metal chips and small parts from production to a central collection point. Initially, integrated systems convey the chips from the machine tool. They transfer their freight to collecting conveyors. If the distances are large, transfer stations and appropriate control technology is required. Depending on spatial and production-technical circumstances, individually customizable underfloor, overfloor or on-the-floor solutions are available.

Areas of application

The rigid conveyor system serves to transport chips fully automatically from several processing machines to a central collecting point. The system is used in smaller and larger production areas inside a hall (wet and dry processing).


  • High flexibility in the erection or changeover of the machine train
  • Simple technology
  • Low planning

Main components

  • Machine conveyor
  • Collecting conveyor
  • Transfer stations
  • Control technology
  • Downstream chip processing system (optional)